Jody Rowe’s views on Advisory Board roles

Following on from our post on Why you need an Advisory Board we sat down with our CEO, Jody Rowe, to discuss her Board experiences and her future intentions.


Q. Would you be keen to take on another Board role, either non-profit or commercial?

A. Absolutely, I would prefer an Advisory Board role or an ASX listed company. Over the past five years I’ve gained experience in industry bodies and Advisory Board roles for ASX and not-for-profit companies, and I feel ready for additional roles. The roles need to have the appropriate governance and culture where you can be heard. My support for not-for-profit is as Director of Sight for All – an amazing organisation delivering eye health care projects free of charge to partner countries and communities, and training local Doctors. Last night Sight for All Chairman, Dr James Muecke, was announced as the South Australian of the Year 2020. Rowe Advisory is providing the funds to train a Doctor and this has a real impact.


Q. Do you think your skills and experience would be particularly helpful to a start-up operation or a more mature operation that is experiencing difficulties?

A. Considering I run my own advisory business and have equity in other small business’ I understand the challenges small-to-medium enterprises face.I believe I can add a lot of value to both start-ups and more mature operations sharing my experience and knowledge of business development, marketing and strategic planning.


Q. What do you feel you can bring to the table of an Advisory Board?

A. My experience from an operator and project background, aligned with diversity of thinking, an extensive network of sound relationships and a passion for strategic growth of an organisation.


Q. What are the key lessons you’ve learnt from your Board roles?

A. To ask the right questions, to listen, to learn from others and to support management.


Q. Do you think gender equality would improve a Board’s performance? How and why?

A. I think diversity is essential to encourage different thinking. In today’s world we can’t just continue doing the same things. Investors, shareholders and work forces deserve better, and progress and change is a part of that. Ethnicity, gender, disability and background shouldn’t be barriers, a balanced board produces a deeper and more rounded discussion. In my own business I invite trusted advisors to challenge me in order to see other points of view and seek opportunities that I may have overlooked. It is so important to encourage difference, and consider different opinions and views.