Why you need an Advisory Board

Advisory Boards provide businesses with an opportunity to gain access to experience, knowledge and contacts. To quote Collen Ferrary Bader “The Power of many will always exceed the Power of One.”

An Advisory Board is a group of suitably experienced people appointed to give advice, recommendation and counsel. It has no binding decision making authority, executive function, or fiduciary duty or responsibility. It’s remit’s usually set out in a charter which also prescribes the desired skills of its members, along with the terms and any renumeration.

Our CEO, Jody Rowe, has a wealth of experience on Advisory Boards and says “For privately owned companies, regardless of size, the benefit of gaining access to Senior Execs at Board level are huge. The cost to gain access to this level of talent on a full time basis can be crippling. Appointing an Advisory Board provides a strategic view, a wealth of networks and an abundance of experience in an economic way. Not only can members share their experience, lessons learnt and contacts with you, they can act as advisers, mentors and counsellors. On the Boards of which I am a member, the owners are hungry for information and ideas, and are engaged in an open minded and collaborative way, and it’s thoroughly enjoyable to be a part of this.”