The Tough Talk podcast delves into a broad range of topics, primarily focused on the Energy sector, which remains a timely and complex subject that is not always fully comprehended. In each episode we cover a diverse range of areas such as Strategy, Climate, Human Resources, Mining, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Transmission, Health, Safety and Environment, Renewables, Future Jobs, Targets, Risks, Constraints, and feature interviews with industry insiders.

Tune in to Tough Talk to broaden your understanding of the Energy sector and stay abreast of the latest developments.

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Dr Patrick Hartley – Hydrogen Mission Leader for the CSIRO Dr. Patrick Hartley is the leader of CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission. In this role he is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of a major new national research initiative, launched in May 2021, focused on delivering research, development and demonstrations which enable the scaleup of Australia’s domestic and export hydrogen industries.

Jennifer Purdie: “Exploring Riches Beneath: Unveiling Mining Opportunities” Jenny has more than 30 years of global management and leadership experience spanning operational, business improvement and corporate roles in the mining, energy, heavy manufacturing, and infrastructure sectors. 

David Clement: Revolutionizing Energy: The Path to Clean Power Through Hydrogen We had the pleasure of hosting David Clement from HDF Energy, helping us understand more about Hydrogen and the powerful impact it will have on the Energy sector.

Bettina Venner: Connecting local companies to opportunities and facilitating partnerships Bettina Venner leads the SA Industry Capability Network (ICN) office in the Department for Industry, Innovation and Science. ICN is part of a national network that connects local companies with opportunities by building supply chains and growing local capability.

“Inspiring conversation: Navigating Politics, Agriculture, and Heritage with Honorable Adam Giles”  We had the pleasure of hosting the Honorable Adam Giles, covering many subjects from Agriculture and sustainability to immigration and the Voice…. The frank and honest conversation was refreshing.

Navigating Reputation Management with Kate Campbell from Bravus Mining & Resources Jody sits down with Kate Campbell from Bravus Mining & Resources. With a keen eye on sustainable practices and environmental concerns, Kate shares valuable insights into how Bravus navigates the energy landscape while maintaining a positive corporate image.

Sparc Technologies: Harnessing the Power of Graphene for Revolutionary Innovations Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN), is pioneering new technologies to disrupt and transform mult-billion dollar industries to deliver a more sustainable world. We had the pleasure of hosting Sparc Technologies Executive Chairman Stephen Hunt and General Manager Renewable Energy Nick O’Loughlin.

“Unravelling Carbon Credits: Shane Charles does a Deep Dive into their Significance and Implications.” Shane Charles is the Chief Executive of Upscale Carbon, an organization looking to reset how carbon projects can benefit rural landowners. Shane is also the Managing Partner at Charles Legal Group.

Exploring the Gas and Pipelines: Insights from Donna McDowall Donna is a seasoned professional with an extensive career in the energy industry. With her deep expertise and relentless commitment, she has made significant contributions to the field of gas and pipelines and is also now applying that knowledge to new energies in the modern world.

“Leadership in Energy: A Candid Conversation” with Andrew Bills Andrew Bills is a highly accomplished and influential figure in the energy industry. He has held several significant roles throughout his career, showcasing his expertise in utility operations, infrastructure development, and leadership.

Richard Hockney: “Transitioning to Boardroom Mastery: Navigating the Path from Corporate Roles to Board Positions” If you are looking to transition to Board roles, then listen to this podcast!

Peter Coleman repurposed, from CEO Oil and Gas to Board roles in new energy Tough Talk with Jody Rowe was honored to chat to Peter Coleman about his background, career, experiences and opportunities of the Oil and gas industry and today’s challenges with new technologies. Peter has transitioned and is focused on new roles after a successful decade as Chief Executive Officer of Woodside.

“Powering the Future Vehicles” Paul Crawford CMV Group Paul Crawford is a prominent player in the automotive industry. With his keen understanding of the market and unwavering commitment to excellence, Crawford has made significant contributions to the company’s growth and success.

Disrupt or Die for the Australian Construction Industry Jon Davies the Chief Executive Officer of Australia Constructors Association chats to Jody Rowe from Tough Talk about the challenges in the industry.

Greschen Brecker – Natural Hydrogen is the holy grail of renewable energy Listen to this fascinating discussion with Greschen Brecker CFO of H2EX on the generation of renewable natural hydrogen via chemical reactions subsurface will result in a low-cost and reliable clean energy fuel, with minimal environmental footprint.

Richard Turner: From ZEN Energy to The Essential Entrepreneur On this episode Jody Rowe and Richard Hockney chatted to renowned Australian Entrepreneur, Leader, and Innovator, Richard Turner. Richard is passionate about sustainability and helping companies that are driving change for the better, adding value to future generations. 

South Australia’s Unfair Advantage Jody Rowe and Richard Hockney had the pleasure of talking to Richard Turner – a renowned Australian Entrepreneur, Leader and Innovator. He has founded four successful companies/organisations across four different industry sectors.

Rick Wilkinson on Gas Caps and their Impact on Domestic Availability Rick Wilkinson, a seasoned oil and gas professional with 36+ years of experience, Head of EnergyQuest a respected advisory firm, provides insights on Australian gas, including its critical role in the global market, gas caps’ impact, and the transition to renewables.

The Energy Industry: Challenges and Opportunities In this episode of Tough Talk with Jody Rowe, the focus is on personal insights and experiences related to the energy sector. Jody shares her goals for the future and her passion for the industry. 

Christian Lange: Insights from a Seasoned Resources Industry Professional Jody Rowe interviews Christian Lange, a highly experienced executive in the resources industry with over 30 years of global experience. Lange has held executive positions in Schlumberger, a leading oil and gasfield services provider, and also founded Griffin Energy Solutions.

Personal Growth and Business Evolution with Jody Rowe In this episode of Tough Talk, our host Jody Rowe is joined by business leader Richard Hockney as we explore the reasons behind the creation of this podcast and the content and purpose driving it.