Rowe Advisory provides services and advice including contracts and procurement, business development, business and strategic advice, human resources and recruitment. We defy traditional approaches and encourage creative out-of-the-box thinking. We have a client-friendly team, vast industry experience, and are easy to engage. We are all experts in our field, and welcome the opportunity to work with you.

We adopt a strategic and practical view to our thinking, which allows us to build and deliver robust, client-focused plans. Our back-office support is second to none, giving us the confidence to deliver as promised, creating more value for you. At Rowe Advisory, we continue to build on our market knowledge, networks and relationships, ensuring our approach to every project is industry-leading.

Rowe Advisory are proud to lead; this is reflected within our employee mix. We hire our consultants based on ability, with no gender pay gap. We are culturally diverse, with women making up 30% of our team; this adds value to all our work and for our clients. QRC currently sits at 12% with a target of 20% by 2020.

At the heart of Rowe Advisory are four core services that have been matured over many years in some of the most technically-challenging areas of the world.


Case Studies

Vision and Values

Our Vision is to be among the most respected resources advisory firms in the World providing advice, support and assurance to help clients realise the maximum value from their assets through:

  • Consistently high quality
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Value

At Rowe Advisory, our team’s behaviours are very important.  Supporting our client-focused strategy is a strong set of embedded values that are reflected in our behaviour in both a professional and personal setting:

  • Delivering on our commitments
  • Achieving quality in all that we do
  • Completely understanding our clients’ needs and exceeding expectations
  • Being recognised as leaders in our field
  • Collaboration to deliver best outcomes for clients, individuals and the organisation
  • Pursuing personal, team and business excellence
  • Understand that respect is the foundation of all good relationships, including clients and co-workers
  • Practice and promote empathy to help encourage others
  • Be genuine in everything they do