The road to renewable energy

With the UN Climate Change Conference (CoP26) on the horizon, the Oil & Gas Authority’s challenges of the oil and gas industry ahead of this event in 2021 and the UK government’s goal to reach net zero emissions by 2050, the road to a renewable energy/low carbon future is clear.

Whilst oil and gas will remain an important part of the UK energy mix for the foreseeable future, the drive to net zero presents the need to consider what more can be done to help solve these climate change challenges, against the difficult backdrop of Covid-19 and commodity price fall.

Through our skills, experience and knowledge Rowe Advisory is well placed to support future activity in the cleaner energy sectors. The organisational, procurement, supply chain management, project management, tendering and contracting skills that we’ve developed in the oil, gas and mining industries are equally applicable in the renewables and low carbon sectors.

It’s Rowe Advisory’s aim to be a provider of skilled and competent services to a cleaner energy industry.

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