‘Supplier Essentials’ with Jody Rowe and RESA

Our CEO, Jody Rowe, and RESA – Resources and Engineering Skills Alliance have joined together to create informative videos to assist suppliers entering into the resource sector .

The ‘Supplier Essentials’ video gives an overview of the sector which can be a complex and high risk environment. When looking at the resource sector, the lengthy process of engagement must be considered. This video helps suppliers identify opportunities and understand the high level of compliance required with systems, processes and procedures. It’s important suppliers are noticed, and going to trade shows will help create visibility and showcase your business. It’s important to offer something special, and having references and accreditation adds credibility. In addition, networking and creating relationships are fundamental for suppliers.

There’s a variety of ways the sector will approach the market for a scope of work including pre-qualification of suppliers, an expression of interest, a request for information or a request for tender. This process can be lengthy and costly. Therefore, when looking at tenders and contracts it’s important to review the relationships within the organisation, the legal requirements, the scope of work and how appropriate it is to you.