Promoting procurements role in an organisation

Procurement and its role in a business can be a complex concept for many stakeholders to understand. Within an organisation, procurement can be viewed very differently. For example, how the marketing team views procurement will be very different to how the finance team views it. Sharing real-life examples of the benefits procurement provides within the business will help explain and sell procurements services to stakeholders, for example:

  • savings that have been delivered
  • improvements in the delivery of products and services
  • elimination of quality problems and improvements in the quality of products and services
  • resolution of disputes and improved responsiveness from suppliers
  • simplification and acceleration of ordering processes
  • elimination of unethical or fraudulent purchases

Promote procurement by using a Probe, Empathize, Present, Close strategy.

Probe: Research other departments within the business and collect as much data as possible.
Empathize: Open the dialogue and put yourself in their shoes. Understand the stakeholder’s viewpoint, objectives and goals.
Present: Make the case to show how procurement can help lighten the load and show how procurements goals align with the businesses goals.
Close: Show you understand the stakeholders needs and secure a commitment to work together at the end of the conversation.

We are showcasing our Procurement expertise at the 2019 APPEA Conference, 27-30 May, at Stand 258 next to the APPEA lounge. If you would like to chat, please contact Jody or drop by in person to talk to the team at the Rowe Advisory stand – we look forward to hearing from you.