Do you know what your ideal pipeline of work looks like?

Do you know what your ideal pipeline of work looks like? Lead generation is just the beginning and companies often focus on the “numbers game”, concentrating on quantity rather than quantity AND quality. Converting leads in the sales pipeline into firm orders requires energy, focus, drive, commitment and team work. Linking these attributes to a sales plan, rather than just sales goals, means you will have a greater chance of converting these opportunities.

Like all living things, businesses need to evolve and adapt to meet changes in their environment. Identifying new opportunities, whether that be new clients or new business areas can be challenging. Using business advisory services can help companies better define the type of opportunities they are looking for and help set the goals they want to achieve. Experienced consultants can help define and identify new business areas, find and bid for contracts and tenders with both existing and new clients, and help with analysis of risk, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Contact Jody Rowe to learn more about how Rowe Advisory’s consultants can help your business today with the jobs you intend to look at but don’t always have the time.