Keeping strategic planning in focus

We’ve all been there – got the team together – the key players – taken them off site for a few days with a facilitator to map out a plan that we are all committed to delivering to move the the business forward over the next few years. But, what often happens next is we go back to work full of enthusiasm and good intentions to implement the plan but the reality is the good intentions often get submerged in the sea of day-to-day activities and business management. After a few weeks of trying to work on the plan, we put it close to hand in the top desk drawer, so we can refer to it daily but it soon lies forgotten.


In fact you were right, you know your business better than anyone and know best what you should do about it. This is where Rowe Advisory’s consultants can help. Our consultants are seasoned professionals with real experience working at the ‘coalface’. We can help you either by assisting you run the business while you drive the plan forward or assisting you to implement the plan while you deal with the day-to-day business, or even a mix of both.


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