Focus on what you can control, not that which you can’t

You take control of that which you can control” – Stephen Covey

It’s not what you can’t control that matters, it’s that which you can.

Currently, there’s much going on in the business world that feels out of our control. In terms of procurement, we cannot control how long the Covid-19 situation may last, how long non-essential shops and businesses will remain closed, what may happen with government policies, how long border controls will be in place, and how markets will exactly react.

But we can control establishing and implementing action plans for risk mitigation; developing a strategy and plan for post Covid-19; carrying out risk reviews of any existing contracts; prioritising identifying alternative suppliers; ensuring open, clear and consistent communication with stakeholders, customers and suppliers; researching emerging technologies and bolstering our expertise with online training and knowledge sharing.

In these uncertain and challenging times focus on what you can control, not that which you can’t.