Easy Alternative to Illegal GPS Tracking of Employees for Safety Management

I read an interesting article the other day which I thought I’d share. The article is in regards to employers tracking employees through GPS systems and how this is a violation of the employee’s privacy.


In NSW, VIC, WA, NT, WA and SA, the use of a surveillance device to intentionally track and record employee activity is a criminal offence, unless the operator of the system has the consent of all parties to the activity. As employers, we have duty of care to ensure that our employees are safe when working. However, there is a fine line between tracking employees to ensure their safety and breaching their privacy. This line can be fuzzy especially when employees are travelling for work.

JESI- Journey Events Safety Innovation is a journey management software solution that can allow your employees when travelling, to easily inform when they have arrived at their destination. If the traveller has not arrived at their destination, it automatically sends alerts to emergency contacts. JESI is an extremely easy to use and an innovative way to manage workforce journeys without employees fearing they are under surveillance. Companies like, Rio Tinto Ore, APLNG, Shamrock Civil and many others both nationally and internationally are using JESI tool as a cost effective, non-invasive and simple solution to minimise the risk associated with a travelling workforce.

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Please visit the JESI website or get in contact with us at RoweSMG if you wish to learn more on how JESI can benefit your organisation.

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By Jody Rowe