Image of the start of 2021

Delivering your plan in challenging times

How is your organisation going to deliver its plan in 2021? And what are the challenges you face?

This year, we’re facing all the challenges of a ‘normal’ year, along with those created by the global Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions put in place by governments to control it.

Covid-19, falling commodity prices, redundancies, cost reductions, renegotiation of contracts and delayed projects are all impacting economic growth, and fuelling an economic crisis. In the light of this, every organisation needs to be more agile, more flexible and swifter to react. One way of achieving this is by remotely accessing highly qualified professional resources and support.

Restrictions on mobility and reductions in the workforce increase the need for online help and support. At Rowe Advisory, we have a depth of experience working remotely, we’ve developed into a flexible virtual organisation. We’ve clients in Perth and consultants in Brisbane, clients in Australia employing UK consultants and clients in America utilising Australian consultants. If you need help and support contact Jody Rowe for more information and to discuss your specific needs.