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Closing the gender gap

When it comes to diversity the resource sector is making progress, however with underrepresentation of women particularly in managerial, executive and board roles, it continues to miss out on the full benefits an inclusive and gender balanced working environment brings.

There are strong links between gender diversity and a company’s bottom line, and good business reasons for being an inclusive organisation, such as:

  • better brainstorming,
  • a broader perspective gives a greater understanding of stakeholders,
  • more innovation,
  • better decision making,
  • attract top talent more easily,
  • reduce employee turnover,
  • encourage growth and evolvement, and
  • ultimately improve the bottom line.

Companies that embrace gender equality are more creative and outperform those that don’t.

Oil & gas and mining businesses can close the gender gap by becoming more attractive and providing greater career opportunities for women through:

  • providing greater flexibility in the work environment,
  • taking steps to eliminate unconscious bias,
  • improving mentoring for females,
  • more women role models – enhancing the female voice,
  • eliminating stereotypical views of male/female roles, and
  • providing career advice to girls and young women early on.

Rowe Advisory provides women with flexible working choices – gaining access to a pool of talent that may otherwise have difficulty working due to family commitments. Our workforce is currently 40% female, and provides specialist consultants to the oil and gas, mining, industrial, infrastructure and supply chain sectors.