Celebrating our 8th anniversary!

December sees Rowe Advisory celebrate its 8th Anniversary! Our CEO, Jody Rowe, founded the company on her kitchen bench in December 2013, when after more than 25 years as a commercial contracts and procurement specialist for multinationals such as BG Group-QGC, Santos and Rio Tinto, Jody made the decision to pursue her dream of starting her own consultancy business.

From starting out as an idea on a piece of paper, Rowe Advisory has gone from strength to strength. We now have bases in the UK, and across Australia in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. We work with businesses across the globe from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Not only have we expanded in terms of location but also the industries we work with. These range from agriculture, food processing, rail and government, to oil and gas, construction, mining and renewables.

Our goal is to help businesses with their processes, procedures, strategy, sourcing and contract management. Rowe Advisory is built on authenticity, respect, genuineness and delivering successful results. We plan to continue our growth in a focussed, disciplined and sustainable way.

Jody comments, “We’ve encountered many challenges along the way, from the financial risk of starting up an SME to developing the business through unforeseen impacts such as Covid-19, fluctuating oil prices and remote working. The difficulties have been offset by many positives, such as improved flexibility, new opportunities, enjoyment of a different kind of success and the relationships developed with mentors, coaches, friends and family, consultants and clients. Their support has been critical to our success. We’re proud to have championed diversity in the workplace over the last 8 years and will continue to do so. We are powered by industry talent and we love a challenge.

We would like to thank our great clients, our exceptional consultants and all our service providers. We couldn’t do this without your support – here’s to the next 8 years!