APPEA 2019 – A Change in Thinking

Conferences create a lot of energy and enthusiasm and this was definitely the case with APPEA 2019 but we need to keep this momentum going to maximise the learnings from the discussions and challenges raised during the three days.

‘Navigating the Future’, the theme of this year’s conference, will require a change in thinking – there was much talk about solar and renewables, climate change and the environment. How the industry is perceived by each new generation was also high on the agenda, along with stakeholder and community relations, and being responsive to community and wider society needs. There was a lot of agreement on the importance of collaboration between industry, government and NGOs to meet carbon reduction targets and for the provision of diverse, secure and long-term sustainable energy solutions.

Many of the agenda items and discussions were mirrored at the Rowe Advisory ‘Think Tank‘ with technological advances, the transition to renewables, clean energy sources, environmental factors and public perception listed as some of the challenges and drivers of the Oil & Gas industries future.