7 steps to a stand-out sales pitch

What sets a sales pitch apart from the rest? Delivering a fresh pitch which makes your product or service stand-out is the key to success. First impressions matter. Most studies agree you have less than 30 seconds to impress. So, that’s 30 seconds to create a good impression, get buy-in and hook your potential customer. Here are 7 steps to help you create a stand-out sales pitch:

  • Get creative – create a great opening. It needs to catch attention, create interest and make people want to know more. It also needs to be genuine – don’t make outlandish attention grabbing claims that aren’t true.
  • Be passionate – create a story and use active language to convey your enthusiasm. It’s all in the delivery!
  • Be confident – body language speaks volumes. Stand (or sit) tall with your shoulders relaxed, make eye contact and lean slightly forward towards the person/people you are presenting to.
  • Language and tone – speak clearly, don’t rush and use plain language.
  • Know your audience – Make sure you know who you are talking to – do your homework and prepare. Make sure you know and understand the clients objectives and needs.
  • Focus on selling the value and benefits – by conveying your story and not the hard sell you will stand a greater chance of getting people to act on your pitch.
  • Repeat key information – begin with the key important information and end with it so people remember what you said.